Friday, 24 October 2014

IBM Integration Community - more ways to get in touch

Welcome to the IBM Integration Community !

Our community brings together the IBM Integration Bus development team, clients, business partners, and other IBMers for the purpose of learning, sharing, and engaging.

There are many sources of information about IBM Integration Bus such as the Infocenter, developerWorks, forums and the IBM support site. The IBM integration community provides a single point of access to these and other sources of information as well as provides content not available elsewhere.

On this site, you will find:
1.    White papers and articles that are not published anywhere else.
2.    Details of public events that members of the development team are attending.
3.    Links to the other product documentation, developerWorks, and support articles.
4.    News of product updates.
5.    A blog with posts from the leading IBM experts and thought leaders.

The community is also designed to enable you to communicate with the development team:
1.    You can ask questions and interact with developers and other customers by using the forums.
2.    You can submit requirements by using the Request for Enhancements (RFE) community.
3.    You can submit articles, videos, presentations and other material, sharing your experiences with the product.

The team who develop and support IBM Integration Bus are committed to provide easy access to comprehensive information, sharing our latest news and our experiences from customer adoptions of the product. We hope you find this site useful and look forward to your feedback and contributions on this new initiative, there is great value in us in IBM being able to share information & news with our clients, but our experience is also that even greater value can be achieved when we are joined by a variety of our clients in the discussion as we all learn from each other.

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