Thursday, 11 June 2015

Continuing to learn .... IBM Integration Bus

Last month, it was IBM BPM Advanced and IBM Integration Designer, with SCA modules, components, mediations, BPEL flows etc.

This month, it's IBM Integration Bus ( and the associated WebSphere MQ ), so we have this: -

Each lab comprises one or more guides as PDF files, and is usually accompanied by an archive file (.zip file) that you can use to complete the lab activities. All labs require an installation of IBM Integration Bus version 9.0. Some scenarios also require additional software products such as IBM DB2, IBM ODM, and WebSphere Application Server.

The first tutorial was about as simple as one can get: -

with the XML Input node taking ... an XML file as input from a WebSphere MQ queue, writing a trace log to the file-system, and then writing the response to another WebSphere MQ queue, which is nice.

Now to play with HTTP nodes, SOAP and web services .......

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