Sunday, 28 June 2015

Event Sequencing Service and IBM BPM Advanced

I was seeing this :-

[6/28/15 7:26:09:973 BST] 00000379 EsMeConnectio W run() CWRES0053W: The event sequencing service cannot connect to the messaging engine on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) system bus that hosts the destination sca/demo101/component/sendID.

whilst testing a BPEL component in IBM Integration Designer 8.5.6, against an IBM BPM Advanced runtime.

This kinda came out of nowhere, but the key phrase event sequencing rang a bell.

I'd been fiddling around with the properties of my BPEL ( prior to realising that I'd not changed it from the default Long-Running Process to Microflow.

I'd specifically changed one of the Qualities of Service (QoS) parameters for one of my interfaces: -

specifically this one: -

In other words, I'd enabled Event Sequencing on the runtime, which was something that I did not specifically need.

Once I removed the Qualifier, and restarted the Process Server runtime, life was good again.

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