Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DB2 and SSL/TLS - Client-side

Having blogged extensively about my experiences with DB2 and SSL/TLS, mainly in the context of Java and WebSphere Application Server: -

this post is more client-side than server-side.

Specifically, one of my colleagues, a DB2 guru called John, needs to set up SSL/TLS from a DB2 client to a DB2 server.

This is required to allow IBM Integration Bus (IIB) to communicate, via ODBC and then via the DB2 client, to a database hosted on a DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server.

John looked for, but couldn't locate, the IBM Global Security Toolkit (GSK) files on the IIB server upon which the DB2 client is installed.

This led him to me, and led me to IBM Passport Advantage, as per these fine links: -

Thanks to Passport Advantage, this is what I downloaded: -

IBM DB2 Support Files for SSL Functionality V10.5.0.5 for AIX English (CN4ZYEN)

which is a ~50 MB file: -

-rw-r-----@  1 davehay  staff    51M 10 Jun 18:20 DB2SPTF_SSLF_10.5.0.5_AIX.tar.gz

Tomorrow we install ...

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