Tuesday, 15 August 2017

And more IBM DataPower Gateway - SSH this time around

Following this tutorial: -

I did this: -

configure terminal:
ssh 22
write memory

but saw this: -

20170815T105924.939Z [0x81000243][cli][error] : required property host is missing
20170815T105924.939Z [][cli][error] : (startup-config:601): exit

in the startup logs, and this: -

20170815T110105.223Z [0x00b30004][mgmt][error] ssh(SSH Service): tid(111): Invalid local address
20170815T110105.224Z [0x8100003f][mgmt][notice] domain(default): tid(111): Domain configuration has been modified.
20170815T110105.224Z [0x8240001b][audit][error] : tid(111): (admin:default:serial-port:(null)): ssh 'SSH Service' - Invalid local address
20170815T110105.224Z [0x00b30004][cli][error] ssh(SSH Service): Invalid local address

when I tried to start the SSH service: -

ssh start

Can you see what I was doing wrong ?

I was OVERWRITING the IP address/port combination used here: -

ssh 22

with this: -

ssh start

somehow assuming that IDG would know what I was talking about.

Can you say "Doh" ??

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