Thursday, 17 August 2017

IBM API Connect - Adding IBM DataPower Gateway into the mix - SOMA import failed

I've been tinkering with an IBM API Connect implementation on my Mac, running all three VMs; the API Manager, the Developer Portal AND the DataPower Gateway on the same box.

However, I saw this: -

when attempting to integrate APIC and IDG.

I dumped out the APIC CMC logs: -

debug postmortem export sftp user fred file /tmp/foobar.tar.gz

and, on the Mac, exploded the resulting tarball, giving me this: -

log/cmc.out:2017-08-17 13:19:30.076 SEVERE [T-83] [] Deploy: APIMgmt_9A8A3AFACB/gw1: failed: IOException:SOMA import failed
log/cmc.out:Throwable occurred: SOMA import failed
log/cmc.out: at
log/cmc.out: at
log/cmc.out: at
log/cmc.out:2017-08-17 13:19:30.084 SEVERE [T-83] [$Serializer.serialize] Error(599597e2e4b0d25e2a2ee700), Http-Code(500), Message(SOMA import failed), User(cmc/admin), Path(post:/gatewayClusters/599426b4e4b04960a3daf1dd/servers/59959798e4b0d25e2a2ee6fa)

As a quick test, I'm moving the IDG VM from the main Mac to another Mac, in order to spread the load, leaving the Manager and Portal VMs on the primary box.

We'll see ……


Yes, as I suspected, once I moved the IDG VM to another box, and increased it's RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB, all is now well.

Now to test my API ....

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