Monday, 21 August 2017

Gosh and Darn it - Kubernetes, kubectl, macOS and IBM Bluemix

So I'm continuing my Voyage O' Discovery with IBM Containers, Bluemix, Kubernetes etc. on my Mac, following tutorials such as this: -

and have got to the part where one sets up kubectl using an environment variable $KUBECONFIG.

Whilst I can "see" my Kubernetes cluster: -

bx cs clusters

Name                ID                                 State    Created                    Workers   Datacenter   
DaveHayK8SCluster   fff102198c534d0096bacd575488c9dd   normal   2017-08-21T09:59:53+0000   1         par01   

the Kubernetes kubectl tool was barfing: -

kubectl version  —short

Client Version: v1.6.4
The connection to the server localhost:8080 was refused - did you specify the right host or port?

I checked the environment variable: -



and then checked the file-system to which it was relating: -

ls /Users/davidhay/.bluemix/plugins/container-service/clusters/


ls /Users/davidhay/.bluemix/plugins/container-service/clusters/DaveHay

ca-prod-dal10-DaveHay.pem kube-config-prod-dal10-DaveHay.yml

so that kinda explains why things weren't a-workin' 

Obviously I had mis-read the instructions which have you do this: -

bx cs cluster-config DaveHayK8SCluster

The configuration for DaveHayK8SCluster was downloaded successfully. Export environment variables to start using Kubernetes.

export KUBECONFIG=/Users/davidhay/.bluemix/plugins/container-service/clusters/DaveHayK8SCluster/kube-config-par01-DaveHayK8SCluster.yml

Following that advice, I did this: -

export KUBECONFIG=/Users/davidhay/.bluemix/plugins/container-service/clusters/DaveHayK8SCluster/kube-config-par01-DaveHayK8SCluster.yml

and, quelle surprise, things started working: -

kubectl version  —short

Client Version: v1.6.4
Server Version: v1.5.6-4+abe34653415733

kubectl cluster-info

Kubernetes master is running at
Heapster is running at
KubeDNS is running at
kubernetes-dashboard is running at

To further debug and diagnose cluster problems, use 'kubectl cluster-info dump'.

Can you say "Doofus" ? I betcha can !


Unknown said...

Did the same dang thing myself. Used the wrong path for $KUBECONFIG.

Dave Hay said...

:-) And that's what scripting and CLI is *such* good fun !

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