Thursday, 3 August 2017

IBM BPM and IBM ODM Rules - I continue to learn ...

Following my earlier post: -

I'm continuing to tinker with IBM BPM, specifically using the web-based Process Designer, to integrate with a very simple Decision Service, called, of course, Hello World.

For the record, I'm using IBM BPM on Cloud ( a SaaS offering ) against ODM Rules on Bluemix ( a PaaS offering ).

Having created an External Service, using the YAML that I exported from the Decision Server ( as per the previous post ), I've then created a Service Flow, into which I've dragged the External Service.

I've then bound the External Service to the Service Flow: -

note that I've specified the Operation.

This time around, rather than manually creating Variables within the Service Flow, I chose to have Process Designer do it for me, via the Auto-Map function 

This is with what I ended up: -

However, when I tested the Service Flow by hitting the Play button: -

I saw this: -

CWTBG0019E: Unexpected exception during execution. Exception information: 'com.lombardisoftware.component.common.workflow.WorkflowProcessItemException: CWXSD1028E: The operation callDecisionServiceOperation with HTTP method POST returned an unexpected response status code 500 with response message Internal Server Error'.

So I then tried the Debug button instead: 

and saw this: -

which is where I realised the error of my ways ….

Note that the Request, which has two parts, as per the downstream Decision Service, is EMPTY.

Can you say "Doofus" ? I bet you can ….

Once I added a default ( this is for testing, after all ) value: -

it just worked, returning: -

Service completed

Now to create my Coaches, Templates and Coach Views …...

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