Friday, 18 August 2017

IBM API Connect - "Unexpected token ILLEGAL"

So I'm continuing my voyage of discovery with IBM API Connect, and had followed this tutorial to create a simple API using Loopback: -

Annoyingly, when I came to test my API, I was seeing this: -

and, via Debug, this: -

This is the Gateway Script that I have: -

Can you see what I can see ?

Yeah, I'm at home to Cap'n Copy Paste :-(

I fixed my code: -

saved the API and republished the product.

Now we have this: -

which is far far better.

So, for the record, the copy/paste from Firefox to Safari had introduced some glitches with regard to the apostrophes ( single quotes ).

This has bitten me before on Mac, but I'm stupid and forgot :-(

For the record, the DataPower logs also showed similar: -

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