Monday, 14 June 2021

Design, build, and deploy universal application images

 From IBM ( for whom I've worked for ~30 years ) : -

Building high-quality container images and their corresponding pod specifications is the foundation for Kubernetes to effectively run and manage an application in production. There are numerous ways to build images, so knowing where to start can be confusing.
This learning path introduces you to the universal application image (UAI). A UAI is an image that uses Red Hat’s Universal Base Image (UBI) as its foundation, includes the application being deployed, and also adds extra elements that make it more secure and scalable in Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.
Specifically, a universal application image:
    Is built from a Red Hat UBI
    Can run on Kubernetes and OpenShift
    Does not require any Red Hat licensing, so it’s freely distributable
    Includes qualities that make it run more efficiently
    Is supported by Red Hat when run in OpenShift
The articles in this learning path describes best practices for packaging an application, highlighting elements that are critical to include in designing the image, performing the build, and deploying the application.

Design, build, and deploy universal application images

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