Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Kata Containers and Ubuntu Linux - lessons learned - 2/many

Following on from  Kata Containers and Ubuntu Linux - lessons learned - 1/many here's another one ...

Testing the Kata Containers 2.0 runtime environment was failing, again using Ubuntu 20.04 on VMware Fusion on macOS 11 ...


sudo kata-runtime kata-check

returns: -

WARN[0000] Not running network checks as super user      arch=amd64 name=kata-runtime pid=1283 source=runtime
ERRO[0000] CPU property not found                        arch=amd64 description="Virtualization support" name=vmx pid=1283 source=runtime type=flag
WARN[0000] modprobe insert module failed                 arch=amd64 error="exit status 1" module=kvm_intel name=kata-runtime output="modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'kvm_intel': Operation not supported\n" pid=1283 source=runtime
ERRO[0000] kernel property not found                     arch=amd64 description="Intel KVM" name=kvm_intel pid=1283 source=runtime type=module
ERRO[0000] ERROR: System is not capable of running Kata Containers  arch=amd64 name=kata-runtime pid=1283 source=runtime
ERROR: System is not capable of running Kata Containers


Update the VM configuration to support virtualisation via "Enable hypervisor applications in this virtual machine"

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