Sunday, 6 June 2021

Wrangling Kubernetes using crictl

I needed to find a way to remove a bunch of NotReady pods from my K8s 1.21 cluster, on both the Control Plane and Compute Nodes.

Simples, use crictl

A useful StackOverflow post - Master not pods in NotReady status - gave me this: -

crictl pods|grep NotReady|cut -f1 -d" "|xargs -L 1 -I {} -t crictl rmp {}

but, of course, I had to remember how to tell crictl to look at the requisite endpoint - specifically at unix:///var/run/containerd/containerd.sock 

This was easy; I created /etc/crictl.yaml 

runtime-endpoint: unix:///var/run/containerd/containerd.sock
image-endpoint: unix:///var/run/containerd/containerd.sock
timeout: 10
debug: false

and was off to the races ...

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