Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Tinkering with OpenLDAP on Docker on Ubuntu

 Following a discussion with a colleague on Slack, I thought I'd remind myself how OpenLDAP works as a service running inside a container, via the Docker container runtime interface (CRI).

Using this for inspiration: -

Docker image for OpenLDAP support

I pulled the requisite image from Docker Hub: -

docker pull osixia/openldap:1.5.0 -u davidhay1969:<DOCKER TOKEN>

and created a container: -

docker run --detach -p 3389:389 osixia/openldap:1.5.0 

Note that I'm using port mapping via -p 3389:389 to map the external ( host ) port of 3389 to the internal ( container ) port of 389

This allows me to run the container without needing to run it in privileged mode ( as Unix typically blocks non-root processes from listening on ports lower than 1,024 ).

Once the container was running happily: -

docker ps -a

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                   COMMAND                 CREATED          STATUS          PORTS                            NAMES
23a39685da58   osixia/openldap:1.5.0   "/container/tool/run"   20 minutes ago   Up 20 minutes   636/tcp,>389/tcp   agitated_mendel
55de9ae1b94a   busybox                 "sh"                    2 days ago       Created                                          nostalgic_mclean
da6a3136a33e   busybox                 "sh"                    13 days ago      Created                                          happy_swirles

I installed ldap-utils to give me the ldapsearch command: -

apt-get install -y ldap-utils

and then ran ldapsearch against the container via the mapped port: -

ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost:3389 -D cn=admin,dc=example,dc=org -w admin -b dc=example,dc=org

Note that I'm using the default credentials of admin / admin and would, of course, be changing this if this was a real-world environment .....

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