Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Now that I did not know - using pushd and popd to navigate the Bourne Again Shell (BASH)

Further tinkering with Kata Containers etc. led me here: -

Install cri-tools

You can install the cri-tools from source code:

$ go get

$ pushd $GOPATH/src/

$ make

$ sudo -E make install

$ popd

I'd seen references to pushd and popd before but decided to unleash Google fu to know a little more ....

Navigating the Bash shell with pushd and popd

Pushd and popd are the fastest navigational commands you've never heard of.

The pushd and popd commands are built-in features of the Bash shell to help you "bookmark" directories for quick navigation between locations on your hard drive. You might already feel that the terminal is an impossibly fast way to navigate your computer; in just a few key presses, you can go anywhere on your hard drive, attached storage, or network share. But that speed can break down when you find yourself going back and forth between directories, or when you get "lost" within your filesystem. Those are precisely the problems pushd and popd can help you solve.

So now I'm learning .....

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