Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WebSphere Portal 6.1 - Setting the browser window title ...

Earlier today, a friend asked me how to change the browser/window title in WebSphere Portal 6.1.

Now I remember doing this back in the day with Lotus Workplace Services Express, but it's been a while since I looked at it.

Then I remembered that the Theme Customizer has an option to set this.

Digging into the documentation: -

Lotus Web Content Management 6.1.0 > Designing a portal site > Layout of the portal page

I came across the Theme Policies section, which describes how the attribute, bannerTitleText, can be set within the Theme Policy.

This is then reflected in a theme file, head_title.jspf, which is located here: -


and makes reference to this attribute from the policy.

Whilst one could just as easily hack the .JSPF file, it's more sensible to change the policy, as this can then be over-ridden, perhaps by a non-developer-user, at a future date.

Therefore, the easiest mechanism is to use the Theme Customizer to set the attribute, and then apply the policy, alongside the chosen theme, to the page hierarchy e.g. Home.

Job done :-)

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