Wednesday, 10 August 2011

IBM Collaboration QuickStart for Social Business

Saw this on my "River of News" this morning, whilst browsing IBM Connections.

Welcome to IBM Collaboration QuickStart for Social Business on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise - your instant access to three leading products in social software - IBM Connections, IBM Lotus Domino, and IBM Sametime.

Designed for ease of use and minimal administration, this IBM SmartCloud image is preinstalled with 85 user profiles, including names, email addresses, user photos, and more. The goal is to get you up and working quickly without any installation, hardware, or maintenance. All you need is access to the system and some time to start seeing the benefits of a truly social business.

 You can use the image for: 
    Profiles16.png Profiles. Quickly find the people and expertise you need.
    Activities16.png Activities. Organize your work and tap your professional network.
    Files16.png Files. Post, share, and discover documents, presentations, images, and more.
    Places16.png Communities. Work with people who share common interests and expertise.
    Blogs16.png Blogs. Present your ideas in weblogs and get feedback from others.
    Bookmarks16.png Bookmarks. Save, organize, and share bookmarks.
    Wikis16.png Wikis. Create web content together.
    Chat16.png Chat. Locate and instantly connect with others via presence awareness, business cards, and instant messaging.
    Mail16.png Mail. Manage your inbox with full-text search, delegation, mail filtering and sorting, conversation views, and flags.
Social businesses are more successful because they focus on the energy, creativity, and decision making of their people. People can find what they need more quickly, solve problems faster, and discover valuable expertise and information in ways they were not even expecting. 

Looks good, looks very very good :-)

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Lisa Duke said...

Hey! What is this (special price only or VM), how much does it cost, does it have a SKU, can I sell it? If you are not sure, who would know more?