Friday, 5 August 2011

IBM Connections - Widgets A-Wonder ...

One of my ISSL chums alerted me to this - it's definitely worth a look ...

The reporting chain is very powerful concept within Lotus Connections, the issue with it can be that the organizational view of the structure can be either dated or non-existant. Until now, organizations have been forced to do without this important component of Lotus Connections if they didn't have an accurate structure.

JustNudge Software has released a widget that allows for the organizational reporting chain to be modified from within the application itself using a bottom up approach – that is where a person selects their manager. This allows the structure to be developed organically without the need for a large IT project to update the structure if it doesn't exist accurately at the moment, thereby making Lotus Connections implementations just that little bit easier.

Updating your reporting structure is as easy as navigating to your manager and clicking a button!

IBM Connections assumes a single reporting line, but in many organisations there can be multiple reporting lines that need to be captured in a user's profile. This widget allows for the population of multiple reporting lines and displays this information on the user's profile.

The widget is simple to use and can be modified either "top-down" – where a manager chooses profiles that report to them, or "bottom-up" – where a person chooses their alternate manager. This is done by finding the appropriate profile and selecting the button in the widget:

A good IBM Connections installation is dependent on a well populated profile and a vibrant profile community. A well populated user profile allows people to find and collaborate with people more quickly and easily.

Our profile progress widget provides visual feedback and tips to help the user populate their profile using a visual feedback mechanism similar to that provided on LinkedIn. This feedback allows the system to be populated according to the requirements of your organisation, for example, if there is a particular field within the profile that is valuable from an organisation perspective then the profile weighting can be adjusted to both advise and reward the user to populate that field.


Stuart McIntyre said...

Hi Dave.

JustNudge are based out of Australia these days, my good friend and talented developer Michael Ransley moved back there from the UK a few months ago.

Both these widgets were developed by JustNudge, working alongside Collaboration Matters, for one of our customers. We have since implemented them at a number of other organisations in the UK and further afield - always to great feedback from the users. They really help with adoption and user satisfaction.

If you are looking for more info, check out the catalog entries or speak to Michael at JustNudge or myself at Collaboration Matters. I'd be delighted to assist any customers in the UK with these widgets or customised versions.

In addition, we have developed widgets for import of RSS feeds from other sites, mass upload of bookmarks from public sites, aggregation of content from sub communities and much more.

Dave, thanks for spreading the word about the widgets - really appreciated!

Michael Ransley said...

Hello Dave,

Thanks for putting the word out. We have released an updated version of the widgets which takes advantage of some of the great API's that are available in IBM Connections 3.

Details of the widgets are available at:

Better yet, we have dropped the price, if you would like a trial of them then give me a shout.

Dave Hay said...

@Michael - thanks for this - will revisit this :-)

fdecollibus said...

Great suggestions Dave!