Wednesday, 24 August 2011

IBM Web Experience Factory - Some good stuff ...

This sadly misleading title doesn't really say it all: -

Mind you, entitling an article "Building Create/Read/Update/Delete applications with Web Experience Factory" would be equally illuminating :-)

Finally, I also note that: -

IBM Web Experience Factory Version (fix pack 1 for 7.0.1)

was released earlier in the month, with a few useful defects resolved: -

• Ref 43104  SAP Function Call - Execution Password Not Updated for Portlet

•  Ref 43784  Schema reader bug causes Xerces to throw "Content is not allowed in trailing section." when parsing a schema file

•  Ref 43825  DesignerWarClassLoader attempts to define bad class when reading .class files from WEB-INF/classes

•  Ref 44256  Style properties view does not work when the Item is selected from the available items or all named items in the application tree

•  Ref 44421  Lotus Web Content Management Authoring builder: link components can link to library components

•  Ref 44483  Renaming files from copied folders causes corruption of all the models that use the original file

•  Ref 44889  Add back SAPAccess.setProperties() to allow users to switch the destination properties at runtime

so that's definitely worth a download, and it's only 150 MB :-)

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