Friday, 9 May 2014

IBM Business Monitor and IBM Cognos - DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error

So I noticed an interesting quirk with my IBM Business Monitor environment today, whilst monitoring (!) the logs during a startup.

I saw this: -

35      1       Audit.Other.dispatcher.DISP.pogo        pogo    com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ProcessManager            Failure <m
essages><message><messageString>DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error.</messageString></message><message><messageString>Proces
s BIBusTKServerMain failed to start properly.</messageString></message></messages>      External Report Server process BIBusTKServ
erMain cannot be startedProcess BIBusTKServerMain failed to start Process BIBusTKServerMain failed t
o start properly.       at com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ReportServerProcess.getProcessOutput
(     at
 com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ReportServerProcess.start(  at com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ProcessFa
cade.createServerProcess(        at com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ProcessFacade.<init>(
20)     at com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.RSComponentFactory.newProcessFacade(        at com.cognos.pogo
.reportservice.ProcessManager.createProcessFacade(      at
artProcess(     at com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ProcessManager.startInitialProcesses(
364)    at com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ProcessManager.start(  at com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ReportSer
verHandler.start(  at
:94)    at       at
cherServices.continueStartup(       at     at com.cognos.pogo.contentmanager.coordinator.RefreshController.composeAndConfigureServices(RefreshControl   at  at com.cognos.pogo
.contentmanager.coordinator.BootstrapConfigurePublish.startConfiguration(    at com.cognos.pogo
.contentmanager.coordinator.BootstrapConfigurePublish.checkConfiguration(    at com.cognos.pogo
.contentmanager.coordinator.BootstrapConfigurePublish$ConfigurationCheckTask.safeRun(        at  at java.util.Timer$

in: -


I asked Mr Google, and found this IBM Technote: -

which said, in part: -

Known defect with AIX 6.1 TL09 (refer to APAR#IV52684 for AIX6.1, APAR#52745 for AIX7. Thread memory allocation will cause IBM Cognos BIBus to crash

and directs one to obtain an iFix from IBM.

However, there's also a circumvention, which appears to have worked for me.

It effectively involves creating a shell script that wraps around the BIBusTKServerMain binary, and 

This is what I did: -

(1) cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/cognos/BAM8012.AppTarget.AppSrv01Node.0/bin64
(2) mv BIBusTKServerMain BIBusTKServerMain.exe
(3) vi BIBusTKServerMain



`pwd`/BIBusTKServerMain.exe $* <&0 >&1 &

(4) chmod +x BIBusTKServerMain
(5) cd ../bin64
(6) mv BIBusTKServerMain BIBusTKServerMain.exe
(7) cp ../bin/BIBusTKServerMain .

Once I put this circumvention in place, and restarted BAM, the exception appears to have gone away.

Which is nice :-)

Of course, I will be calling IBM Support to get the AIX fix for this .....

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