Monday, 12 May 2014

New - IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Integration Designer, IBM Process Designer and IBM Business Monitor - version 8.5.5 - June 2014

Announcement: IBM Business Process Manager (BPM), IBM Integration Designer, IBM Process Designer, and IBM Business Monitor Version 8.5.5 products

The IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.5 products are an update to the comprehensive and consumable business process management platform that provides visibility and management of your business processes.

IBM Business Monitor V8.5.5 is an update to the IBM Business Process Manager comprehensive, operational, intelligence solution. It offers visibility into real-time, end-to-end business operations, transactions, and processes to help optimize processes and increase efficiency.

This product version includes the following enhancements:
• Includes basic case-management capabilities in IBM Business Process Manager Advanced. These capabilities enable knowledge workers to drive business outcomes by using a combination of structured workflows, ad-hoc tasks, and document processing.
• Provides a new Case Designer that extends the unified design experience. It is built upon the centralized IBM Process Center repository to simplify the development and deployment of process and basic case applications.
• Includes an embedded content repository that is restricted to support the basic case management documents and folders. You can extend the restricted use content repository to support unlimited content management use cases with IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM).
• Provides an expanded Process Portal to allow knowledge workers to easily interact with cases, folders, and documents.
• Enables you to create mobile-optimized user interfaces with new WYSIWYG tooling that enables the design of responsive process coaches. 

This product version, which is an update to IBM Business Monitor V8.0.1, includes the following enhancements:
• Provides customizable dashboards that calculate and display key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are derived from business transactions, processes, business activity data, and business events.
• Enables you to view dashboards through lightweight web interfaces, mobile devices, and corporate portals. You can drill into specific transaction and process instances.
• Includes a simplified event infrastructure that is optimized for performance. IBM Business Monitor V8.5.5 offers improved event handling performance with the Dynamic Event Framework (DEF), which is an alternative to the Common Event Infrastructure (CEI). While the CEI framework remains available and supported, the DEF handles events more efficiently, which can result in better performance.
• Provides support for the IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.5 operating environment.
• Includes powerful, new visualizations of data that are based on Cognos BI V10.2.1.
• Provides function that helps to improve and simply the product installation.

These products are planned for electronic delivery on 13 June 2014.

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