Thursday, 15 May 2014

WebSphere Application Server - Controlling whether WAS node name is added to J2C Authentication Aliases ... or not

Following on from my previous post: -

this is how I should've scripted the creation of the EventEmitterAlias J2C alias as follows: -

wsadmin> AdminTask.setAdminActiveSecuritySettings('[-customProperties[""]]')
wsadmin> AdminTask.createAuthDataEntry('[-alias EventEmitterAlias -user wasadmin -password passw0rd -description "Created for BAM > BPM CEI integration" ]')
wsadmin> AdminNodeManagement.syncActiveNodes()
wsadmin> quit

I've highlighted one particular line: -


This property equates to this checkbox within the WAS Integrated Solutions Console GUI: -

In other words, if the property is set to true, then the checkbox is NOT set for: -

Prefix new alias names with the node name of the cell (for compatibility with earlier releases)

When the property is set to false, then the checkbox IS set.

This means that (a) I can script the solution and (b) avoid the issue of having the node name ( dmgr ) added to the J2C alias.

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