Thursday, 1 July 2010

64-bits but no buts ...

Something that I need to look at later is whether my shiny new Thinkpad W500 will allow me to run a 64-bit VMware image using Workstation 7.1.0 whilst I'm booting into a 32-bit installation of Ubuntu 10.04.

I've enabled VT in the Thinkpad's BIOS but VMware is still moaning: -

You have configured this virtual machine to use a 64-bit operating system. However, 64-bit operation is not possible. This host is VT-capable, but VT is disabled.

This is usually because VT has been disabled in the BIOS/firmware settings or the host has not been power-cycled since changing this setting.

Now I've definitely rebooted since changing the BIOS - the Thinkpad won't allow you to do otherwise.

This KB article covers the "problem" in more depth, and the VMware site includes a sweet little tool that you can boot up, via an ISO image, to determine whether this emulation is possible or not.

Will download from here later and have a play ...

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