Wednesday 7 July 2010

Adding AND removing features from WebSphere Portal 6.1.5

Having worked out how to add support for WCM and Personalization recently: -

I was then asked how to REMOVE the WCM authoring portlets.

A quick search through the ConfigEngine tasks gave me this: -

/opt/IBM/WP7/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/ remove-wcm-authoring -DWasPassword=wpsadm1n -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadm1n

as per these entries in the Information Centre: -

Within an hour of answering that question, I was asked ( by another client ) how to remove the Mashups capability added by the WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 Feature Pack.

Following my own advice, I added Mashups into my Administration installation: -

/opt/IBM/WP7/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/ deploy-portal-mashup-ui -DWasPassword=wpsadm1n -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadm1n

and, having verified that I saw a Mashups page in my top navigation, and that I could edit the Mashup page, add iWidgets etc., I then *REMOVED* it  again: -

/opt/IBM/WP7/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/ remove-portal-mashup-ui -DWasPassword=wpsadm1n -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadm1n

/opt/IBM/WP7/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/ action-remove-ear-wp.mmi.deploy -DWasPassword=wpsadm1n -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadm1n

Now it's way too early to tell whether this (a) works properly or (b) is supported so, as with all of my top tips, **YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY**

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