Thursday, 22 July 2010

Newport (Ymerodaeth State Of Mind)

Now I'm not normally a YouTube junkie, and spend very little time there, apart from the occasional search for SG1 or BSG-related contact, as well as the absolutely excellent Gir2007 channel.

However, I found this via Twitter yesterday, and couldn't help but (a) laugh and (b) share the clip here - warning, it does contain some Anglo-Saxon expletives, which some viewers MAY find offensive.

The BBC have written it up here: -

The Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind) YouTube sensation of the last 24 hours has today become the UK's most-favourited clip on the video-sharing site, and the second most-favourited in the whole world.

Writer Leo Sloley appeared this morning on the BBC Radio Wales morning show with Jamie Owen and Lisa Rogers. You can listen to the interview here.

With his colleagues in the endeavour, Al and MJ, they've encapsulated some of the characteristics of Newport that even the occasional visitor will recognise. Its clever lyrics and its thematic parallel between the glamour of New York in Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' original and the complete lack of glamour of Newport (not to mention its pin-sharp take-off of the video) have made a wickedly effective combination.

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