Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More fun with "No content resource collections available" when attempting to use Personalization and Lotus Web Content Management together

As an update to my previous post: -


my client found that, in one environment, the ConfigEngine task configure-wcm-authoring was failing, with the following exception: -

<message id="EJPXA0025E">com.ibm.wps.command.xml.XmlCommandException: EJPXA0025E: The resource was not found in the portal, either because it does not exist or because you have not specified an identifying attribute in the XML input. [page Content.Root.Home=ibm.portal.Home]</message>

It transpired that the IBM-supplied default home page, with the Unique Name of ibm.portal.Home, had been deleted. Creating a new page, named TempHome with the Unique Name of ibm.portal.Home allowed the script to be run to completion, and the PzN rules could then be created against the Resource Collections.

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Elmo said...

Thanks! This worked for me. Although it failed the first time because it was case sensitive. It should be capital 'H' in Home.

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