Friday 23 July 2010

IBM Residency Announcement - Developing Customized Components for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony, LO-0W01-R01

Do you have experience developing customized components for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony? Are you interested in showing how to make the most of those powerful add-on capabilities within our Lotus collaboration environment? Would you like to contribute your knowledge to a new wiki deliverable project? If so, we want you to join our virtual team.

By participating in this residency you will gain hands-on, practical experience in working with Lotus Expeditor, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime and Lotus Symphony. You will also interact remotely with other highly skilled residents, and members of the Lotus product management and development teams.

The ITSO in conjunction with Lotus is conducting this remote residency to create a new deliverable that uses wiki technology. Wikis are a relatively new Web browser-based technology that allows remote collaboration to create a new form of on-line document. You can be a part of this leading-edge effort for a new way of delivering quality technical documentation. Getting involved in this project will give you an opportunity to learn and share tools and techniques about the Lotus design tools, and as with other ITSO residencies, to pass your knowledge to other IBM employees, business partners, and customers. Working alongside and exchanging knowledge with other highly skilled residents and some of the top experts in the IBM Lotus community, you will develop a competitive edge that will serve you well in developing customized components for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony. In addition, you will get recognition for being an author of this wiki!

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