Monday, 19 July 2010 and Project Wildfire

I must admit that I've had an OpenNTF account for some years, since I had recourse to download Ian Cherill's excellent ACLHelp utility to help me recover a demo Domino domain just prior to running a H*U*G*E client demonstration.

Well, I'm back on the site, as I'm testing out Wildfire, which is a status updater for social networks, that sits nicely in the sidebar of Lotus Notes 8.5.2. This comes from Adam Brown and his ISW mob.

Thus far, I've got WF to work with Lotus Connections on Greenhouse and Twitter, whilst I'm currently struggling to get it to work with Lotus Connections on our own W3 network, as well as MyDeveloperworks, which is another Lotus Connections implementation.

I shall, however, persist, but would recommend that you check out both OpenNTF *AND* Wildfire


Brownie said...

Thanks for the comments Dave. I will have a go at MyDeveloperWorks tomorrow and let you k ow if I can get it going.


stoeps said...

Any news on Wildfire and MyDeveloperworks?

Dave Hay said...

@Stoeps, nope, I've not yet made any progress against My DeveloperWorks. Will nag Brownie to see what he's found

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