Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lotus Support Tools

Picking up on a Tweet from my mate, Ray Davies, who was re-Tweeting a comment from another fellow yellow geek, David Fry, there's a new site from Lotus providing a single place to visit to get access to support resources etc.

From the site: -

As a Lotus software customer, we know you would like to be self sufficient in finding what you need when you need it. But, it can be hard to know which electronic support option to choose at any given time. Below, you'll find basic descriptions and video demos of some of our most popular tools to help you get started (or become more expert) at assisting yourself.

and links to: -

    * IBM Support Portal
    * Lotus Product Best Practices Wikis
    * Lotus Product Forums, Blogs and RSS
    * Fix Central
    * Service Request (SR)
    * My Notifications
    * Open Mics and Webcasts
    * IBM Technical Support Chat
    * Notes from Lotus Support blog
    * Multimedia Library for Lotus software
    * Assist On-site
    * IBM Support Assistant (ISA)
    * Lotus Greenhouse
    * Lotus Domino Configuration Tuner

Check it out here ->

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It's all about sharing!

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