Thursday, 20 October 2011

Headshift - Breakfast Briefing - Microsoft SharePoint and Social Intranets - IBM Connections anybody ?

An interesting briefing being run by Headshift in London in a few weeks time - might look to get along, current project notwithstanding.

This from Lee Bryant: -

…. something we have not covered before is the possibility of using IBM Connections as a complete social business layer on top of Sharepoint. This has some clear advantages such as the simplicity of managing two distinct platforms, rather than over-customising SharePoint, and taking advantage of the far more advanced social features of a dedicated social business platform.

To explore this option further, we are jointly hosting a breakfast briefing with IBM on November 15th for top tier UK law firms, where we can learn more about their experiences of or opinions on SharePoint and social intranets, and discuss the possible benefits of SharePoint + Connections.

Want to know more ? Then check this out.

It's also worth having a read of Lee's presentation on Social Intranets here.

Thanks to Mr Strachan for pointing this out ….

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