Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Understanding IBM HTTP Server plug-in Load Balancing in a clustered environment

This is relevant to a WebSphere Portal <-> IBM Connections project on which I am currently engaged.


After setting up the HTTP plug-in for load balancing in a clustered IBM WebSphere environment, the request load is not evenly distributed among back-end WebSphere Application Servers.


In most cases, the preceding behavior is observed because of a misunderstanding of how HTTP plug-in load balancing algorithms work or might be due to an improper configuration. Also, the type of Web server (multi-threaded versus single threaded) being used can effect this behavior.

Resolving the problem

The following document is designed to assist you in understanding how HTTP plug-in load balancing works along with providing you some helpful tuning parameters and suggestions to better maximize the ability of the HTTP plug-in to distribute load evenly.

The Technote can be found here and is definitely worth a read.

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