Tuesday, 25 October 2011

IBM developerWorks - Define application architectures with Rational Software Architect

Saw this on Twitter earlier today
This series presents techniques for creating models to specify and communicate the architecture of software-intensive systems. It illustrates the elaboration of the Online Catering architecture for a fictional company, Yummy Inc. Using an iterative approach, it describes the key architectural activities that are necessary to specify a software-intensive system with IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA). In part 1 of the series, we focus on typical tasks to outline the architecture and to align the technical vision to development needs. Part 2 will describe how the architecture is iteratively refined using RSA. Both articles assume that readers are familiar with methodologies based on iterative development.
Am starting to think about using RSA more for my job-role, so this is definitely going to be required reading for next week ….. just wish it ran on Mac OSX :-)

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