Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tips from the field - creating a button in Lotus Notes to query the Windows registry ( useful for Citrix )

This from James Stuart, a Lotus evangelist here in the UK

While chasing a Citrix/Lotus Notes issue today, I needed to read values from the Windows Registry that user Citrix sessions see (which are prohibited from running RegEdit), so wrote the following button - Hope it is useful for you in the future.

Create a Form, Memo etc. and add a new button, then paste in the code below. The button will allow you to read a value from the Windows Registry by specifying the Registry Key, Sub-Key and Value to retrieve (these are defaulted to show where the Internet Explorer 'Favorites' folder is set to).

e.g. if you want to read the registry that a Citrix session sees, run Lotus Notes under Citrix and then access/click the button from say a draft memo in your mail file.

Want to know more ? Then check out the post …

Nice one, James

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