Friday, 16 December 2011

IBM Connections and Desktop Single Sign-On using Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos and SPNEGO

I was fortunate to be asked to present at the Social Connections  II event at the most excellent Cardiff University last week.

My chosen topic was the integration between the worlds of IBM and Microsoft, specifically my recent experiences with Active Directory, Kerberos and SPNEGO: -
  • Understand how to integrate IBM Connections with Active Directory
  • Understand how to implement desktop single sign-on with IBM Connections
  • Describe the integration possibilities with Microsoft SharePoint
I've blogged about this subject before, including this and this.

Hope this helps.

Please feel free to ping me if you need further information.


Kenio Carvalho said...

Hi Dave i think a good topic it's when you have Connections or Portal authenticating with IBM Directory and SSO with the desktop. I research about this and not found a simple solution for this.

Dave Hay said...

@Kenio - you're quite correct, SPNEGO is very biased towards Microsoft Active Directory. Other SSO solutions do exist, including IBM's own WebSEAL solution and CA SiteMinder.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave,

We are trying to implement the SPNEGO, but its not working. When we gave the url its redirecting to login page intstead of the users homepage and its not redirecting to the NOSpnegoRedirect.html page dont know where it went wrong.Any suggestions and steps to follw in detailed please let us know.Thanks in advance

Dave Hay said...

Hi Ramya

Please take a look at the AD-related presentation here: -

and also at another potentially relevant blog post here: -

I've written about SPNEGO many times, here: -

Finally, if needed, please raise a PMR with IBM Support, who can take you through the required problem determination steps, including tracing etc.

Cheers, Dave

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