Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Writing it down in case I forget it … #2

There's been many many times this past year or so where I've needed to position text below a picture whilst creating a blog post in IBM Connections.

Now there's probably fifty-eleven ways of doing it better and/or in a supported way ( for the HTML and CSS purists ) but this works for me.

Simply switch into the HTML editor view, and enter the following tag: -

<div style="clear:both">

This will then push anything below ( or, I guess, within ) the DIV tag below.

I've used this to position text below images, and images below text.

Every so often I forget this, and need to ask the guru @farbrother for help ….. Perhaps now I'll remember it or, to be more honest, remember to search this blog …..

*UPDATE* Doh ! Doh ! Doh ! - last time I blogged this here  and I still forgot it :-)

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