Monday, 5 December 2011

A surfeit of VMware and Linux goodies … including running VMware ESXi from a USB Key :-)

Whilst lurking around the blogroll on this very site, I noticed an interesting post from Graham Bucknell in IBM Australia. The title Unable to install VMware Tools – no such file or directory caught my eye, the content even more so, especially when he goes on to talk about: -

Now I use the very cool repo/unmanaged solution for the majority of our guests, since they run RHEL 6. If you don't know about this check it out here. If you use RHEL kickstart, it is trivial to make new guests come out with tools installed and the tools repo enabled. Anyway, enough gushing, just check it out if you use RHEL on VMware.

and: -

I should note before getting into this, that I am running ESXi from a USB key.

both of which look (a) sweet and (b) interesting.

I shall now go and read a bit more …..


Peter Smith said...

ESXi on a USB key - did they call it Nomad?

Dave Hay said...

@Peter - no, but that's a good suggestion :-)

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