Monday, 26 December 2011

IBM i 7.1 Technical Overview

This is one for @SocialShazza and @StevenCPitcher and @DominoYesMaybe and other OS/400-flavoured chums

This IBM Redbooks publication introduces a technical overview of the main new features, functions and enhancements available in IBM i 7.1. It gives a summary and brief explanation of new capabilities and what has changed in the operating system, and also discusses many of the licensed programs and application development tools associated with IBM i.
Many of the new and enhanced functions are described such as: -

• DB2 for i support for XML and column level encryption
• PowerHA for i asynchronous Geographic Mirroring & LUN-level switching
• Virtualization enhancements for IBM i hosted partitions and PowerVM
• Storage management enhancements for solid state drives
• Systems management enhancements for Systems Director Navigator for i
• Rational software development product enhancements
• Zend PHP Enhancements
• Web Application Serving enhancements

Buy it here or read it in PDF form here.

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