Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager - Search

Having blogged about Portal search in the past, and having had recent  discussions IBM Web Content Manager and Google Search Appliance integration with a colleague earlier, I found and shared these two links

Table of Contents
• 1 Search engine optimization
• 1.1 Overview of Search Engine Optimization
• 1.2 Definition of terms
• 1.3 How search engines work
• 1.4 More on Google
• 1.4.1 Google optimization basics
• 1.4.2 Other factors that will affect your ranking
• 1.4.3 Sitemaps
• 1.5 How Internet search engines work
• 1.6 Challenges with portal crawlability
• 1.7 Portal crawler awareness and normalized URLs
• 1.8 Sitemap portlet
• 1.9 External crawlability of Portal with WCM content
• 1.10 Web 2 0 and search
• 1.11 Case study using the sitemap portlet
• 1.11.1 Adding sitemap portlet to a page outside of the default navigation
• 1.11.2 Adding sitemap portlet to the theme
• 1.11.3 Configuring robots directives
• 1.11.4 Reconfiguring nrmalized URLs to include request parameters
• 2 Searching and crawling portal and other sites with portal search
• 2.1 Understanding portal search
• 2.2 Portal search architecture
• 2.3 Search services collections and scopes
• 2.4 Search and administration user interfaces
• 2.4.1 Search center
• 2.4.2 Search and browse
• 2.4.3 Suggested links
• 2.4.4 External links
• 2.4.5 Manage search
• 2.4.6 Portal Search Toolbox
• 2.4.7 WCM search component
• 2.5 Portal search APIs
• 2.6 Seedlist framework
• 2.7 Crawlability of portal with WCM content
• 2.8 Categorization and taxonomy
• 2.9 Case study crawling the portal and displaying search results
• 2.9.1 Suggested links
• 2.9.2 External search results

1 Basics of search engine functionality
2 Search services
3 Best practices
4 Conclusion
5 Resources
6 About the author

This is also worth a look


Daniele Vistalli said...

Hi, we've had very limited succes with portal search on real environment (talking about 20.000 + content items in WCM).

The seedlist search engine is limited and the query services is not really flexible.

Our last decision has been that of building a solution on Apache Solr to consume WebSphere Portal / WCM Seedlists to create our indexes.

Now we have most of the features of Omnifind (faceted search, type ahead, easy maintenance) at hand.

I'm going to write a post in the future. For sure we're getting the best of both worlds and avoiding pitfalls you face everyday with Portal Search on a "real" environment.

Dave Hay said...

Ciao Daniele

Thanks for the feedback - there are other solutions; we've done some integration between WCM and the Google Search Appliance, other projects are happily using Omnifind Enterprise

Ram said...

Hi Daniele,

We are planing to integrate Apache solr with WCM seedlist. Could you please help us on documentation or blog you wrote on this? We also want to understand the authentication with portal from solr?

Appreciate your help.


Dave Hay said...

Hi Ram, just to be clear, this isn't Daniele's blog, so he may not read your comment :-)

You can find him here ->

Also, you may wish to check the IBM WCM Wiki >

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