Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mounting an Apple OSX HFS+ drive under CentOS Linux

Back in the day, I chose to format my USB external drives using the Apple Mac OSX Hierarchical File System (HFS) format, aka HFS+ or HFSPlus.

This is sometimes a pain when I need to share files with colleagues using Microsoft Windows, but c'est la vie - it's their choice for using such an obscure OS :-)

More importantly, I was somewhat dismayed to find that the CentOS distribution that I've just started to play with does NOT include HFS+ support out-of-the-box.

This compares to Ubuntu, which ( afaik ) has had HFS+ support for some time now.

However, it was an easy problem to solve - after a quick(ish) Google search, I found this thread on the site, which recommends adding the repository to CentOS: -

$ rpm --import

before downloading the required RPM file: -

$ rpm -Uvh

and installing the HFS+ drivers: -

$ yum install kmod-hfsplus

As ever, job done - thanks, Internet, we love you :-)


Unknown said...

Great! Thank you!

David Strachan said...

This time I thought of checking your blog before asking. Glad I did!

Anonymique said...

I just Googled you ... great because I can never remember the name of the repo. Thanks!

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