Wednesday, 4 January 2012

IBM WCM Offers New Content Authoring Homepage

I saw this on Michael Porter's ( @Perficient ) blog earlier today

By far one of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is how hard it is to author and manage content.  There's so much you can do to improve the authoring experience but it all starts with what the vendor provides.  Last month, IBM release a new content authoring homepage to the Solutions Catalog.  For anyone using IBM WCM v 7.x, it's worth downloading.  You can also watch a video of the homepage in action.  Here's my favorite aspects:

• Thew new authoring homepage actually looks nice
• It takes out a lot of 'busy" UI that's not needed for pure authoring
• Through some configuration, it allows you to define which content templates should be available to which authors.  That makes the authoring UI even more useful

The full post is here - nice one, Michael.

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