Friday, 27 January 2012

IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal - Now in eBook Format

I often visit the WebSphere Developer Technical Journal site, but rarely get around to reading the articles, before something pulls me away from my PC.

So imagine how pleased I am to see them available in PDF and Kindle versions ?

The IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal is popular for its mix of essential articles, product-centric columns, and diverse editorials. But if it's difficult for you to find time to spend with all this information online, you can now take advantage of one of the new Tech Journal to go! formats below and bring an entire issue with you for offline reading!

You no longer need to rely on a network connection to read the articles in the Tech Journal, and you no longer need to download multiple individual articles to take an entire issue of the Tech Journal offline. Simply download one of these specially formatted files for viewing either as a PDF or on a Kindle device and you've got a whole issue available when you want it!

Additional issues will be added regularly.

Now the question is which format - PDF on the iPhone and iPad or Kindle ? How about both …. clickety clickety click :-)

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