Tuesday, 20 March 2012

All new Rational Automation Framework and Rational Build Forge - Streamline devops and simplify your build and deploy

This is something that's currently seriously floating my boat: -

Discover what's new in the all-new Rational Automation Framework solution with new pricing and packaging, and a host of new features, while Rational Build Forge marches on with a new release and significant enhancements. Rational's software delivery automation solutions have led the market in helping software delivery teams streamline their builds, and manage the configuration and deployment of applications to target middleware solutions.

as part of an IBM Connections / WebSphere Portal project.

As a matter of interest, Stuart McIntyre mentioned this on ThisWeekInLotus recently in the context of automating IBM Connections deployments. Serendipity ? I think so :-)

The MP3 is here and the transcript is here.

There's also a useful analyst report, covering Rational Build Forge and Rational Automation Framework (RAF),  entitled Demonstrated Benefits of Software Delivery Automation – an Analyst Study - here - it requires IBM registration, but that's not a bad thing.

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