Wednesday, 28 March 2012

IBM Connections Administration Command: Preview commands for synchronizing user data

Saw this Technote earlier today, and thought it worth sharing: -


Improvements in version include preview commands for user data synchronization that shows you what the synchronization command would do if you ran it. For example, the FilesMemberService.previewSyncAllMemberByExtId command generates a log showing what the FilesMemberService.syncAllMemberByExtId command would do if you ran it.


Many of the synchronization commands have a matching "preview" command that shows you what the synchronization command would do if you ran it. For example, the FilesMemberService.previewSyncAllMemberByExtId command generates a log showing what the FilesMemberService.syncAllMemberByExtId command would do if you ran it.

You should run preview versions of commands before running the actual commands. When you are sure the command will do what you want, run the actual command.

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