Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tuning and Troubleshooting IBM WebSphere Security

This came up on my Twitter "River O'News" this morning from @packtpub, and looks worthy of a re-post

It is not uncommon to run into issues when global security is first enabled in a WebSphere environment. Some of those situations may occur due to performing tasks out of order. Other problematic conditions related to security configuration may take place due to inadvertently omitting one or more steps in a set up process. Moreover, a third category of errors that may happen due to security configuration is caused by using the wrong values to one or more parameters.

This article by Omar Siliceo, author of IBM WebSphere Application Server v7.0 Security, briefly describes tuning in three major areas:
  • General security configuration
  • CSIv2 connectivity
  • LDAP and Web authentication

In this article we will be presented by a set of some conditions that may appear in a WebSphere Application Server ND version 7 (WAS ND7) when global security is first enabled. The first subsection covers circumstances that may come about during the configuration phase. Next, a subsection is included that presents circumstances that may happen at runtime.

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