Wednesday, 14 March 2012

IBM Collaboration Solutions - WW Partner Demo Community

One of our partners drew my attention to this Community out on the IBM Greenhouse: -

This community is used by the ICS team at IBM to provide information to our business partners WW. It's also meant to be a platform for partners to be able to share best practices, provide feedback, and share information with IBM, and among the partner community.

This community is your community. Please make the most of it, feel free to download the presentations/material you find relevant to your projects, use the IBM Connections social feature to provide recommendations, and leave feedback.

Feel also free to use the Forum capabilities in the community to get the conversation going between you and the IBM team, and more importantly among yourselves. We look forward working closely with all of you to push the use and adoption of our Messaging, Portal and Social collaboration offerings in the region.

It includes useful content such as: -
  • ICS Integrated Demo Setup Guide

  • ICS Integrated Demo Images - User IDs and URLs

  • How to Download Demo Images

  • Demo Visuals - what does this demo look like?

  • ICS Integrated Demo related questions

  • Share your Demo stories/scripts/experiences ?

  • IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3 and IBM Connections Demo ( Flash File )

  • Portal and Sametime integration

  • Portal and iNotes integration

  • Portal and Connections integration

  • Portal and Quickr integration
and it's definitely worth a look / bookmark: -

You will need a Greenhouse account to get full benefit from the Community, but the self-registration process is nice and simple, and is here.

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