Friday, 16 March 2012

My System Is Smarter Than Your System ...

This from Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, VP, WebSphere Chief Technology Officer

These days, everywhere you turn, technology is finding its way into our lives. Sometimes it is overt and sometimes it is hidden. Smarts are in our cars, in our homes, in the traffic systems, even in our TVs (which is funny considering people sometimes think watching too much TV makes you dumb).

When you peer inside of the IT department of any big enterprise – there is no questioning the level of smarts that occupy the data center. Today's hardware is brilliant by comparison to the systems that used to occupy the racks 20-years ago. The capabilities of the enterprise hardware and software are amazing to say the least. And everywhere you turn – there are even smarter people who are highly skilled, master craftsmen. Walk through the café at lunch and you'll hear people paying their colleagues compliments like "John is the best DBA ever" or "If you want to fix that online commerce application, you have to call Suzy".

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