Friday, 9 March 2012

IBM Connections 3.0.1 Mobile Now Working

This popped up in my Twitter activity stream this morning

The Tweet takes us this thread: -

which links across to Tom Truitt's blog post: -

To make the iPad/iPhone/Android mobile client work for Connections, there's more required than just checkmarking the Mobile app when installing IBM Connections Applications.

Want to know more ? Then check out the blog post here….

*** UPDATE 12 March 2012 ***

One of my colleagues noticed that the original Mobile Update fix for IBM Connections had disappeared from Fix Central.

I checked with a colleague in the L2 team in Dublin: -

Quick question for you - do you happen to know whether has been pulled and/or replaced by as the former no longer seems to available on Fix Central any longer ?

He replied saying: -

LO63049 is MOBILE AUGUST 2011 UPDATE FOR LC3.0.1 and has been replaced by

Mobile fixes are cumulative so include all previously published fixes.

*** UPDATE 12 March 2012 ***

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