Friday, 16 August 2013

CWLLG2101W: Retries were explicitly requested in ProgrammaticTransactionSupport but no new transaction is started

We've been seeing LOADS of these warnings in our logs: -

[16/08/13 08:26:39:608 BST] 00000054 wle           W   CWLLG2101W: Retries were explicitly requested in ProgrammaticTransactionSupport but no new transaction is started 5 definition: PROPAGATION_REQUIRED,ISOLATION_DEFAULT retryLimit:{2}

As a warning, I had assumed that it was mostly harmless.

This IBM Technote confirms that: -

This message is harmless.  It is currently showing up in levels of trace where it should not.

Further information: This message is intended to be internal to the components that are using transaction support. If one component calls another component within a transaction context and it specifies a number of retries greater than 0, the message is generated.

So it's a niggle, and I wish I didn't appear, but at least I / we can filter it out.

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