Thursday, 29 August 2013

Using DB2TOP to work out what table is being hit by an IBM BPM operation

I was trying to ascertain which DB2 table was being affected by a particular operation in IBM BPM, that of creating an internal group: -

To be 100% clear, these are INTERNAL groups, rather than groups that are available to WebSphere Application Server, perhaps held in LDAP,  accessible via WebSphere Identity Manager (WIM) / Virtual Member Manager (VMM).

So, to come back to my core requirement, I was trying to work out what table(s) get updated when I create a new group ( the reason for this is that I've just created ~470 groups by hand, and wanted to query DB2 to check that I'd not missed any!!! ).

My underlying database is DB2 LUW, and I was looking for a way to monitor the database whilst I was using it within BPM.

Introducing DB2TOP  ….

This neat-o utility, probably based on Unix' top command provides a GUI ( albeit NOT X11-based ) view of the world.

I executed it as follows: -

$ db2top -d bpmdb


and then hit T ( capital T ) for Tables, rather than t ( lowercase t ) for Tablespaces, and then added a new internal group - SNAFU - and watched DB2TOP: -

This showed me that the table being updated was LSW_USR_GRP_XREF, which is precisely what I was looking for: -

db2 "select GROUP_NAME from db2inst1.LSW_USR_GRP_XREF" with UR



Some further reading: -


Prakshal said...

Hi Dave,

Was there any other table involved while creating new internal group or just "LSW_USR_GRP_XREF"?

Dave Hay said...

Hi Prakshal, as far as I could establish, it was just LSW_USR_GRP_XREF, cheers, Dave