Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Security Now podcast

I may have mentioned this before, but, regardless, the Security Now podcast is definitely worth a listen, whether you're an IT geek or merely a user of IT i.e. everyone :-)

In this ~1 hour weekly podcast, the host Leo Laporte ( from the TWiT network ) and the guest guru Steve Gibson talk through the weekly round-up of IT security news. In addition, every other week Steve answers ~10 listener questions about security-related issues.

Examples of the weekly news items include: -

  • Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows updates
  • SSL - from 101 to the deepest depths of asymmetric encryption, PGP, SHA vs. MD5 etc.
  • Java updates from Oracle
  • Browser news such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome updates
  • Latest PRISM and Edward Snowden news
  • Security concerns around JavaScript and the NoScript and AdBlock plugins
  • Third party cookie concerns

In addition, Steve talks about films and books that he's recently seen/read, including authors such as Peter F Hamilton. Most recently, he was describing a KickStarter-like project to fund a film about "hacking" called Algorithm - check it out here on IndieGoGo.

Steve's also the author of a neat-o piece of software called SpinRite which one can use to test / recover / tune hard disks, including SSDs. It even works on Mac-formatted disks, which is nice :-)

Check out Steve's site - GRC.COM - for further information, including SecurityNow transcripts and 16 Kb downloads.

Reminder - purchase SpinRite to fix up two of my home PCs.

Bottom line, if you're interested in IT security and YOU should be, go check it out.

The iTunes link is here. Other non- podcasting tools exist …..

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