Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Using the "Manage Profiles Interactive" tool to create new profiles in WebSphere Application Server


The Profile Management tool (PMT) GUI, used in creating new profiles, is not available for 64-bit systems. As a result, you must use the manageprofiles command-line tool shipped with WebSphere Application Server to create new profiles or augment existing ones. 


The manageprofiles.[sh|bat] script is very difficult to use and has many complex and confusing parameters.

The Manage Profiles Interactive tool uses your own systems environment to prompt you through the various required and optional parameters. After you are satisfied with your selections, the command is launched using the manageprofile.[sh|bat] creating the profile. This greatly increases the ease and speed in creating a new profile or augmenting an existing one.

Resolving the problem

The manageprofileInteractive.zip file (attached below) contains the executable manageprofilesInteractive.jar, and launch scripts run_manageprofileInteractive.bat and run_manageprofileInteractive.sh.

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